Instant Spyware Remover

Instant Spyware Remover 1.0

Instant Spyware Remover is an award-winning advanced anti-virus/spyware software
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Instant Spyware Remover

Instant Spyware Remover is an award-winning advanced anti-virus/spyware software. It is able to effectively detect, remove and block malicious Spyware/Trojan/Malware/Virus and other potential security threats which slow down computer, create unwanted pop-up ads, change computer settings and steal personal information without your knowledge. It is the best tool that perfectly secure your computer and your privacy.

Main features:
- Anti-Virus - Completely detect and remove Viruses,Trojan, worms, and other PC threat faster and easier.
- Anti-Spyware - Remove and block spyware program effectively, secure all your online activities.
- Real-Time Guard - Protects your PC from spyware, virus and other potential threats on a real-time basis.
- In-depth Online Scan - Performs in-depth online scan which guarantees to dig out all the hidden Virus/spyware in your computer.
- Forcible Removal - Forcibly and completely removes virus or spyware programs that can repeatedly generate themselves.
- Internet Safeguard - One click of cleaning Internet tracks which ensures the security of all your online personal information
- Health Report - By analyzing, Instant Spyware Remover will generate a report which shows the health status of every part of your PC system
- Optimization Utilities - Instant Spyware Remover offers you a suite of useful tools including Startup Optimizer, Vulnerability Scanner, Registry repairer, Registry Backup etc which allows you to have a smarter PC management and better performance.

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